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Hi-Mart, The Most Friendly Electronic Mart!!

Shopping 2019-11-21

I don’t know how many of you have visited Hi-Mart in Korea. But I’m pretty sure that you must have seen one somewhere because it’s everywhere in Korea. I tried to look it up and found out that they have 493 branches in Korea. Yes, it’s literally everywhere in Korea. So if you need something related to electronics, even like a power cable, you can go visit one of them.


The parent company of Hi-Mart is Lotte Corporation which is one of the biggest companies in Korea and it’s been spread throughout the country since Lotte took it over from Daewoo Company in 2012. I can recommend you to go to Hi-Mart for most electronics but you better not buy desktops and laptops there because they’re much expensive compared to quality. But we're still lucky to have those electronic shops nearby.



This is my biggest interest all the time. When I visit any electronic shop, I always visit computer display first.



And TVs too. Most of you must be dreaming to have a big screen in your house, right? And look at their bezel. Their technology is so much advanced now.



I haven’t heard of SUUNTO and they look like Galaxy Gears. It was tempting but they’re so expensive.



We can see all kinds of home appliances there. And I would say that air purifiers are the hottest products these days.



They also provide an on-line shopping mall so you can check the prices and get some more discounts. Sadly, they don’t provide other language services so you better get some help.


Here’s more information of Hi-Mart and go visit the link for more info if you want.


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