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Mega Size Multi-Complex Mall ‘Starfield’ in Hanam!!

Shopping 2019-12-05

Eatopia, Shinsegae Department Store, E-Mart Traders, Electro Mart, Toy Kingdom, Molly’s Pet Shop, Hanssem, BMW/MINI, Aqua Field, Mega Box, YP Books and so on and so on. Are they familiar to you? And can you believe that you can see them all in one place? Many of you know that the list is for quite popular brands in Korea and they’re all gathered in a mega size hypermarket which is called ‘Starfield’ and this one is located in Hanam City.


Starfield Hanam is the size of 70 soccer fields according to them. Can you imagine? You can spend your whole day when you enjoy visiting this place. I was told that they’d prefer to be called a ‘Shopping Theme Park’ and I would say that it makes sense. It offers many fun rides for visitors to choose from and wonderful shopping experience. Inside the mall, you will find not only shopping spaces but also fun and unique areas to please you.



I got these shots from their homepage. Have a look and imagine how big this would be.



If you get inside, you’re going to see that it’s really huge. It seems like it takes forever to walk to the end.



I can’t swim so I don’t think I like this place but it is also very popular for most people.



I think I introduced this one earlier on my previous blog. Guys would love this place, right? You can see all the electronics in here. I always love to drop by this place even if I’m not buying anything.



I could see the Hyundai Car Exhibition as well with the latest model displayed. It was nice to see that.



It’s not all. You saw only a few of the places in the pictures. Like I said, it is a huge place for shopping and entertainment. Families, lovers, friends, everyone will love this place. There is only one problem. When you drive there on the weekend, you’ll see that it’s like hell. So you better not drive there on the weekend if possible. I’m planning to visit there again with my wife this weekend. But we’re taking the bus this time, haha.



Below is some more information if you’re interested in visiting this place.


Address : Starfield Hanam, 750, Misadae-ro, Hanam City, Kyonggi-dol

Inquiries : 1833-9001

Operating Hours : 10:00 ~ 22:00



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