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The Most Beautiful Red, Wuhwajeong!!

Travel 2019-12-18

It’s probably too late to post this blog because it’s already winter but do you like autumn colors? I got these photos from my colleague and it was amazing. It’s not even colorful but only red. But it’s strangely beautiful. It’s only a shame that I missed this beautiful scenery.


There’s a pavilion called Wuhwajeong in the Naejangsan mountain which is located in Jeongeup City, Jeollabuk-do and you can see this beautiful street when you get there. The view is just like a beautiful water color painting of the orient when the red leaves are reflected on the lakes. That what’s the sign says about the pavilion.



Do you believe me now? How’s that even possible that it’s only red? Isn’t it supposed to be yellow as well?



I can see that it was rainy there. But it must have been tasteful when you walked down the street under the rain.



Look at this bloody red under the sunlight. It is so beautiful.



What kind of tree is this?? Is that really a tree with red and pink leaves? It looks like a beautiful painting.


Please check the below for more information if you’re interested in this place.


Address : 1207, Naejangsan-ro, Jeongeup City, Jeollabuk-do

Inquiries : 063-538-7875

Admission : 3,000 KRW (Adult) / 1,500 KRW (Junior)

Homepage :