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The Best Beef Intestines Food, Gopchang-Jeongol!!

Food 2019-12-23

Gopchang is one of my favorite types of food and I prefer it to be grilled when I eat gopchang. Gopchang refers to tripes in English and it’s usually expensive since it’s a part of cow. Jeongol means  Korean stew or casserole and it’s usually cooked spicy since it’s a Korean typical food.


Although Gopchang-jeongol is mainly based on beef gopchang, other parts of beef tripes are also used to give the dish a better flavor and chewy texture. Gopchang-jeongol is generally eaten at restaurant specializing in gopchang dishes since cooking the dish requires not only special techniques but also very fresh ingredients.



It’s almost cooked already except for vegetables when it’s served. You’re going to feel good when you look at it boiling and being ready to eat.



This is the picture of it when it’s ready to eat. Doesn’t it look so appetizing?



This is the gopchang inside the dish. It is very chewy and delicious. I really like the texture.



When you almost finish the main dish, you can ask them to make Bibimbap with the leftovers. Trust me. You’re going to love it.



Please check the information below if you’re interested in visiting this place for Gopchang-jeongol.


Address : 4th Floor, Lotte Mall, 1050 Tongil-ro, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul

Phone Number : 02-6975-5452

Operating Hours : 11:00 ~ 22:00


[Menu and Price]

Gopchang-jeonggol : KRW 19,000 (one portion)

Bulgogi-jeongol : KRW 16,000 (one portion)

Hanwoo Shabu-shabu : KRW 32,000 (one portion)

Beef Shabu-shabu : KRW 22,000 (one portion)