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Once Upon A Time, There Was A Hanok Village!!

Travel 2019-12-24

As you know, there are so many cities in Korea to travel but Jeonju could be one of the most tempting places for foreigners because of the food and the places. I know it because I used to live in Jeonju city during my military service. I remember that the air and sky was much cleaner than Seoul.


Hanok means Korean traditional house and there’s a village with 7~800 hanoks gathered in the central of Jeonju city. And they make beautiful and unique eastern views. Did you know you can also stay in one of them if you want to experience the beauty of hanok?



There is a huge sign of the village entrance which is carved on the rock. It is so Korean-like, ha.



You can stop by this pavilion if you need to take a break. It has a Korean traditional style as well.



Look at this magnificence of hanoks! There are so many Korean houses gathered in a village. Looks so great.



Looks like everyone’s wearing hanbok, the Korean traditional attire. So am I supposed to wear hanbok when I visit this place? I don’t think so, ha.


Why don’t you make your trip memorable by visiting this place? You’re going to learn about Korean traditional culture for sure. Even I would like to learn that, too. Besides, Jeonju city is really famous for their delicious local foods. You’re going to love most of them.


Please check the below for more information if you’re interested in this place.


Address : 69-1, Gyo-dong, Wansan-gu, Jeonju City, Jeollabuk-do

Inquiries : 063-282-1330

Admission : Free