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Are You Young Enough For DOOTA Mall?!

Shopping 2019-12-26

One of the largest corporations in Korea, Doosan Company opened a huge shopping mall in 1999 near Dongdaemun and named it Doosan Tower. I remember this because I’m a huge fan of Doosan Bears Baseball Team and my dad used to work at Doosan. And this mall has changed its name to Doota Mall and has become very popular among youngsters.


I just found out that Doota Mall has its duty-free shops for tourists. They’re on 7th to 13th floor with various duty-free shops and according to them they’ve been attracting 20 million visitors each year. You can also get a Doota membership which allows members to accumulate points for discounts and special sales.



There are 2 entrances for Doota Mall. One is for the duty-free shops and the other one is for the normal shopping mall.



The normal shopping mall is from B2 to the 5th floor and the rest to the top is for duty-free shopping.



When I was younger, I used to love to go to Doota mall so I could catch up with the fashion trend but I guess I’m too old for that now, ha.



Hats, shoes, bags and accessories, you can shop tons of different kinds of fashion items here.




Below is some more information including the floor guide if you’re interested in visiting this shopping mall.


Address : Doosan Tower Bld., 275, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

Inquiries : 02-3398-3333

Operating Hours : MON-SAT 10:30 ~ 05:00 (Next morning) / SUN 10:30 ~ 24:00

Homepage :


7F - 13F: Doota Duty Free

6F: Food & Dessert, Accessories, Stationery

5F: Kids Fashion

4F: Cosmetics, Bags

3F: Womens Fashion, Shoes

2F: Womens Fashion

1F: Designer Fashion

B1: Food Court, Sportswear, Street Fashion

B2: Mens Fashion, Dining

B3-B5: Parking