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Godang, Another Hanok Coffee Shop!!

Travel 2019-12-31

This coffee shop is located in Namyangju City which is quite a peaceful area, not far away from Seoul. Do you know Korean Folk Village? When you get to the entrance of this coffee shop, you’re going to be reminded that place. Have a look at those pictures below.


I was told that this coffee shop was introduced in a TV show before because of its unique style. There is a bakery as well so you can grab some bread or rice cake made by their own so you can have it with your coffee. One staff brought us inside and designated our seats. It was one of the houses and we could see several tea tables inside with mostly couples having their coffee.



This is the entrance of the coffee shop. Looks like we’re entering a huge Hanok. This one must be designed from a rich hanok because there are many detached houses inside.



There’s a sign of today’s coffee. It also says there is a 2 hour time limit when the seats are full. And no pets allowed.



Look at that clear sky. I wondered if this hanok has been preserved since the time of Choseon Dynasty or they just rebuilt it to provide coffee since the beginning.



You can have coffee outside as well. I guess it wouldn’t be easy to take seats inside the hanok because they’re always busy. It was lucky for us to have one inside though.



There is a bakery inside the coffee shop. We picked 3 kinds and they were really good. Yeah, I know. I love bread always. No wonder the shop’s full name is Godang Coffee & Bakery.


If you want to try something new to get some fresh air, for meditating, not far from Seoul, then this coffee shop would be a great place. You better drive there because it doesn’t seem very convenient to take the bus or subway to get there. But it is definitely worth driving there on your date.


Please check the below for more information if you’re interested in this coffee shop.


Address : 121, Bukhangang-ro, Joan-myeon, Namyangju-si, Kyonggi-do

Inquiries : 031-576-8090

Operating Hours : 11:00 ~ 22:00

Homepage :


[Menu and Price]

Straight Coffee : KRW 7,000

Wondu Coffee : KRW 8,000

Siru Tteok (Rice Cake) : KRW 8,000