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Are You Pretty Enough For Olive Young?!

Shopping 2020-01-02

When I saw this shop at first several years ago, I thought there’s another new cosmetics shop launching so I never thought I would have a chance to visit there. Now I can see that it’s everywhere almost like a convenient store. I still don’t go buy at Olive Young except when I get there with my wife. And I’m still confused with its identity, ha.


But I also do know that Korean ladies love this shop. I guess they’ve been targeting girls in Korea since the beginning and did a great job on that. I tried to look it up and found this. “Olive Young is a healthy and beauty drugstore. It opened in 1999 under the management of CJ Systems for Korea’s health and beauty market. Their main slogan is ‘All live young with Olive Young.” That’s brilliant, ha. All live young with Olive Young!



Do you recognize this sign? As I said, we can see this shop almost everywhere these days.



Their display doesn’t seem to be very different from the convenient stores. But I don’t recognize most of the products there.



They look like diets foods, cosmetics, beauty items. See? No wonder, I don’t recognize most of them.



I just found out you can also buy these through their online shopping mall. 


Have you heard of K-Beauty? I was told that they’re launching Olive Young in USA so they can be globally popular. They must name it after K-Pop. I guess that most of them are popular among young ladies and they’re really good at catching up with well-being trend in Korea. If you are familiar with those products and you better see them for yourself. I’m not just an Olive Young type guy, ha.


Below is some more information of Olive Young Cheonho branch but as I said, you're going to find one probably near your house or your subway station.


Address : 997, Cheonhodae-ro, Gangdong-gu, Seoul

Location : Underground Enter Six Mall in Cheonho Station, line 5 and 7

Inquiries : 02-6484-6110

Operating Hours : 10:00 ~ 22:30

Homepage :