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The Biggest Flea Market in Korea, Dongmyo Market!

Shopping 2020-01-08

You might not like it. It might look like a mess on the street. There’s not even a proper shop there. They’re selling their goods out on the street. And I would say most them are very rare, antique, used items. Yes, I’m talking about the flea market which is one of the biggest in Korea. I can’t even imagine where these stalls and things all come from. They must have been stuck somewhere for long, ha.


Dongmyo Flea Market was opened in the late 1980s and earned such a reputation. The prices are most likely 1 dollar for each and surprisingly, the most popular item for buyers is second-hand clothes in the market. This flea market literally has everything you need. This traditional market has become an unusual hot spot in Seoul.



I don’t know about the style. They must be for old ladies, haha. You know they’re all for 1 dollar.



Oh these might work for youngsters. I guess I might want to buy one of these.



It’s always busy out there with so many people trying to purchase something.



This is a Korean style sandwich. My mom used to make me a sandwich like this when I was little. Try this if you have a chance. You’re going to love it.



Wow! Are they really selling these for sure? I have no idea where they came from and what they’re for, ha.


Below is some more information about this place if you’re interested in visiting there.


Address : 243, Nangye-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Location : Near exit 3 of Dongmyo Station, line 1