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You Want Some Fire In Your Mouth??!!

Food 2020-01-14

Basically I don’t like spicy foods. No matter what, I just don’t like them. If I eat spicy foods, then it’s because I don’t have a choice when I eat outside with my wife. What a tragedy. But there’s still one thing I like about spicy food. I didn’t know what to call but it’s Jukkumi in Korean. I found out its binomial name is Amphioctopus fangsiao. It’s just a small octopus. And it’s often stir-fried in spicy gochujang in Korea.


This restaurant is near my wife’s office in the Seongsu station area. I have tried other different jukkumi food at another restaurants but this is the best that I’ve ever eaten. Yes, it is spicy. It’s like burning in your mouth. But when you eat it with dongchimi kimchi they provide, it turns so good spicy. Yes it does.



They are all served raw and it doesn’t look very great at first. It’s so much red.



Does it look yummy now? You can add some cheese as topping. Trust me. Girls are crazy for this.



You’re going to get a big bowl with some vegetable and dried seaweed in it. What are you supposed to do next?



Just put your rice and the stir-fried jukkumi in your bowl and mix them all. And now you can enjoy your food. Remember you better eat it with dongchimi because it’s going to burn in your mouth, haha.


Please check the information below if you’re interested in visiting this restaurant for the spicy jukkumi.


Address : 48, Seongsuil-ro 4-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

Phone Number : 02-465-4569

Operating Hours : 11:00 ~ 23:00


[Menu and Price]

Dakgalbi : KRW 12,000 (for each)

Jukkumi : KRW 12,000 (for each)

Jukkumi Rice : KRW 7,000 (only for lunch)