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For Those Maniacs, Kukje Electronic Center!

Shopping 2020-01-15

Warning : Please note that the contents on this video can be disturbing to some people.

A friend of mine asked me to come with him to a place which is located near Nambu Terminal station in Seocho area, Seoul. It is called Kukje Electronic Center and the whole building is known for electronic shops. Most of shops were actually for computer parts and smart phone sales but we could find an interesting place on the 9th floor.


You can see shops for digital cameras, audio systems, smart phone sales, computers or laptops and even CCTV devices. It wasn’t very tempting when we saw them on each floor but when we got to the 9th floor, we finally encountered exactly what we expected. I didn’t realize that I was one of those maniacs, haha.



The whole building is for electronic shops but the building doesn’t seem to be very new. You can see so many electronic shops inside.



If you’re a fan of old pop and classic music then you better visit the 4th floor. They have various kinds of music albums and most of them are really rare and hard to find. They also have DVD titles of movies.



When we ended up to the 9th floor, we could see something different in the beginning of the hallway. We started wondering what this place could be for.



Wow, what a lovely place here! All those figures and items reminded me of the time that I was still a boy. I was a huge fan of Toriyama Akira. I loved his works so much and you know Dragon Ball is the best. And look at the detail. It looks exactly the same as Tony Stark.



And this shop is known as a sacred place for Play Station users. I don’t know why but it’s probably because of their competitive prices. And we bought the games that we wanted.



Who you gonna call? Ghost Busters!! I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!! I really loved this movie and I noticed that I was grabbing this game in my hand.



Below is some more information about this place if you’re interested in visiting there.


Address : 304, Hyoryeong-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Location : Near exit 3 of Nambu Terminal Station, line 3

Inquiries : 02-3465-0114

Homepage :