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Another One Melting In Your Mouth, Gopchang-gui!!

Food 2020-01-20

Gopchang-gui means grilled beef small intestines and this menus is also expensive in Korea. I don’t know if I can call it 'meat' but this could taste better than the normal meat because of its texture. I already introduced Gopchang Jeongol which is stewed in a hot spot but I definitely prefer Gopchang-gui and it’s much more recommended.


I was told that gopchang was a popular and cheap dish for the public in the past. But it is considered as a rare food today and it’s more expensive than the regular meat of the same weight. It is also one of the most popular anju (food served and eaten with soju or beer). We visited one of the popular gopchang restaurants near the station and it was literally melting in my mouth.



They serve it a bit cooked already and we can just grill it more before we eat it. Doesn’t it look so appetizing?



You have no idea what it tastes like before you put it in your mouth. Gees, my mouth is watering again.



Each gopchang restaurant has its own sauce so it also matters what kind of sauce they serve for your gopchang. This one was much better than the others.



You can order Fried Rice after you finish your gopchang. Most of them have their own recipe and I definitely liked this fried rice.



If you have some leftover gopchang, just put it on your fried rice. You’re going to love it.


Please check the information below if you’re interested in visiting the same restaurant that we visited for gopchang gui we had.


Address : 49, Cheonhodae-ro 159-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul

Location : Near exit 4 of Cheonho Station, Line 5

Phone Number : 02-487-7942

Operating Hours : 16:00 ~ 03:00


[Menu and Price]

Modum Gui : KRW 16,900 (for each)

Hanwu Gopchang : KRW 16,900 (for each)

Makchang Gui : KRW 15,900 (for each)

Gopchang Gui : KRW 14,900 (for each)