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Are You Sick?? Eat JUK!!

Food 2020-01-30

Have you heard of Juk? Juk is a Korean rice porridge and it’s usually considered a dish for people who are sick. So it is a culture here in Korea to suggest juk when you get sick. However, it is likely to be eaten any time nowadays thanks to this juk brand, Bonjuk. I would say Bonjuk is the first leading rice porridge in Korea. You can see this franchise restaurant almost everywhere in Korea.


Bonjuk has been always considered as a tasty and healthy food since the beginning. That’s probably why its business has been getting more popular and bigger all the time. They have so many different menus. And my first choice would be Korean Beef Vegetable Juk. Most of their menus are quite expensive but this one is cheaper and more common so everyone would enjoy it.



We recently had a chance to visit Bonjuk restaurant after a health checkup. And I ordered the Beef Vegetable Juk as usual.



They used to serve only juk menu but now they have Bibimbap menu as well so my wife ordered bibimbap. I don’t recall how to call it, ha.



We didn’t take more pictures so I got these photos from their homepage. They have so many menu and there’s more.



As I said, they have bibimbap menu now so if you don’t feel like eating juk then go for bibimbap instead.



I just found out they have delivery service now. So you can just download the app to go for the delivery service.


Please check the information below if you’re interested in the same place that we visited for Bonjuk.


Address : 1st Floor, Gangdong Bld., 1033, Cheonhodae-ro, Gangdong-gu, Seoul

Location : Near exit 5 of Cheonho Station, Line 5

Phone Number : 02-488-6288

Operating Hours : 08:30 ~ 22:00


Homepage : (Credit Source)