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Want Something Familiar? Paju English Village!!

Travel 2020-01-30

English Villages in Korea are usually language education institutions for a language immersion program for students. And one of them located in Paju City is opened to the public and it is also great to come by to get some fresh air. One of my colleagues gave me some pictures of this place and now I’m writing this to introduce you to this place.


This place is called Change-Up Campus in English but they have an official Korean name. It is long and hard to remember so everyone just calls it Paju English Village. This place could be really recommended for young children to learn English because it feels like a different country. And if you’re visiting Korea and missing your peaceful hometown then this place could help. I’m definitely interested in visiting this place soon because I didn’t know that it was free to the public until now.



This is a view from the top place of the whole village. It looks very peaceful and clean surrounded by mountains.



You can park your car in this place which is called Gate 1. I would say driving a car would be much more convenient to get here.



This is the entrance of the campus. It looks foreign already.



Look at the houses here. Wouldn’t it feel like you’re walking down the street in a small town somewhere in Europe?



This is the city hall. So they’re saying it’s a city, ha. It is interesting.



Please check the below for more information if you’re interested in visiting this place.


Address : 40, Eoleumsil-ro, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Kyonggi-do

Inquiries : 1588-0554

Open Hours : 09:30 ~ 22:00

Admission : Free

One Day Experience : KRW 8,000


Homepage (English) :