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You Miss Spring Time Already? Cherry Blossoms In Gyeongju!!

Travel 2020-02-04

When it turns to spring, everyone expects something very cheerful, joyful, warm and bright. And there is something more expected especially in Korea. And that is Cherry Blossoms outing. It is very normal in Korea to go and see cherry blossoms during spring. I didn’t know this but they also have cherry blossoms forecast. Cherry blossoms outing is very popular in Korea.


I got these photos from my colleague. I was told that it’s really famous for cherry blossoms here. It is located in Gyeongju City in Kyeongbuk Province which is really far from Seoul. The distance between Gyeongju and Seoul is 324 km and it takes about 5 hours by car. However, Gyeongju is a very important city historically in Korea and it’s often referred to as ‘the museum without walls’ so many students visit Gyeongju for their school field trip so they learn about the history.



There are so many cherry blossoms on the street. To be honest, I don't see anything special yet in this picture because it looks quite similar to other cherry blossoms.



Wow, there are more cherry blossoms here. I see endless trees on the street. They look very impressive.



Do you see that all of the cherry blossoms are reflecting lights? I thought it was black and white reversal but they are exactly the way it is. They are much more beautiful at night. I didn’t notice that.



There is a man standing in the middle of the street under the cherry blossoms in the darkness with frustration and desperation. He’s the one who gave me these photos. He was just playing alone, haha.



I also got this shot from Kweather website. See? They have Cherry Blossom Forecast. It’s interesting.


Please check the below for more information if you’re interested in this place.


Address : 140-25, Cheomseong-ro, Gyeongju City, Kyeongbuk Province

Inquiries : 054-779-8585

Open Hours : 24 Hours

Admission : Free