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How About Handmade Shoes? Seongsu-dong!!

Shopping 2020-02-06

Seongsu-dong in Seoul has been a famous place for handmade shoes and leather products for such a long time. And if you need to get your shoes repaired then you can visit this area. You can even see the history of this area when you’re on the way to the subway station. Seoul city has also designated Seongsu-dong area as The Street of Handmade Shoes. I was told that they’ve been gathered for handmade shoes since 1970s.  


Since they have the history of handmade shoes, they’ve been developing this area as a landmark. It was like a project to them and now they have so many competitive shoe stores in Seongsu-dong. Now they have almost 70% of Korean manufacturers of handmade shoes gathered in this area. It is called Korean Brooklyn since they have remodeled so many warehouses for new facilities such as coffee shops, theme parks, studios and so on.



You can see them displayed on the way to Seongsu Station. I guess they’re very proud of its history. They deserve it.



You can also see some information about shoe makers. ‘Leather and thread alone cannot make shoes’, ‘From a beginner apprentice to a master craftsman’.



Is that even a real shoe? It’s supposed to be for a giant, ha. It is interesting.



It isn’t hard to find a shoe place in this area. They’re almost everywhere in the neighborhood.



This is a sign that they’re holding a street art festival. We could see that they’re trying to hold events as much as possible so lots of youngsters also pay attention. I appreciate their effort.


Below is some more information about this place.


Address : 100, Achasan-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

Location : Seongsu Station, line 2

Inquiries : 02-465-7871

Operating Hours : 24 Hours

Homepage (Credit Source) :