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Why So Crazy For Tteokbokki??!! Dukki!!

Food 2020-02-10

There’s one thing I still don’t understand about girls in Korea. Do you know Tteokbokki? Tteokbokki is a very popular Korean food made from small sized rice cake stirred with spicy sauce and Korean girls are crazy for this all the time. I still don’t know why. I would say that there’s even a tteokbokki culture in Korea and one tteokbokki franchise which is called Yeopkki Tteokbokki has launched and it’s been super popular among young ladies in Korea. But you know what? It’s not even eatable. Trust me, it is super spicy so you won’t be able to eat it.


But this one was different. It is buffet style so you can choose the ingredients you want, even the sauce for your tteokbokki. So I could eat it at least, ha. My wife is also crazy for tteokbokki and I know she loves Yeopkki Tteokbokki but we made a deal this time that we choose one that I can eat together. So we went to this place that was called Dukki and it was quite a nice tteokbokki place even for me as well.



These are all kinds of tteoks (rice cakes) for tteokbokki. You can choose whatever you want. But you should keep in mind that you’re going to get charged penalty for leftovers and you have 90 minute time limit.



These are the ingredients to add to your tteokbokki.



These are the sauces that makes your tteokbokki’s taste. They also provide Super Hot sauce but of course I passed. We made jajang tteokbokki with the jajang sauce.



They also have some twigims (fried dishes) and I especially loved their twigims. They really suit to our tteokbokki.



Now we’re ready to cook! All you need to do is that you boil the pot when you’re ready.



Ta-da! Sorry we already had some before I took it, ha.



After you finish your tteokbokki, you can make bibimbap as well with your own recipe. I really enjoyed this place.



Please check the information below if you’re interested in the same place that we visited for tteokbokki.


Address : 50, Olympic-ro 70-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul

Location : Near exit 5 of Cheongho Station, Line 5

Phone Number : 02-474-2771

Operating Hours : 11:00 ~ 22:30



Adult : KRW 8,900

Junior : KRW 7,900

Under 7 : KRW 4,900

Beer (300 cc) : KRW 1,500