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Korean Traditional Market, Gwangjang Market!!

Shopping 2020-02-25

Gwangjang Market is a Korean traditional street market and its old name is Dongdaemun Market. It is now one of the oldest and largest traditional markets in Korea and they say that approximately 65,000 people visit this market each day. In the beginning, they sold agricultural and seafood products but as it became bigger, they began to sell many other products such as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, bread and etc.


Today this market is famous for its bindaetteok (Korean pancake) and mayak gimbap. Basically I like to eat Korean pancakes but this bindaetteok is so awesome. It is very delicious. I don’t think I’m going to forget that taste for a while. It’s always crowed with people there so it’s not easy to walk through the crowd all the time. Besides, many of them were introduced on TV shows in Korea so you should wait in a long line for some of them.



This is from the main entrance of the market. You can see that there are many people already from the beginning.



The path is not spacy enough getting through inside because they set up their tables on the path.



They look so yummy. They’re all Korean traditional street foods but you can see some of them on Korean big holidays.



This is the bindaetteok that I’m talking about. It is a super delicious Korean pancake.



This is the mayak gimbap. Mayak means drug in Korean so you get addicted once you taste it. It’s funny.



This is called ‘Hotteok’ and it’s a very popular street food in Korean especially during the winter season. It’s a type of filled pancake.


Below is some more information about this place if you’re interested in visiting here.


Address : 88, Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Location : Near the exit 7 of Jongno O-ga Station, line 1

Inquiries : 02-2267-0291

Operating Hours : 09:00 ~ 23:00

Homepage (Credit Source) :