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Such a Popular Korean Fish Stew, Dongtae Jjigae!!

Food 2020-03-04

There was a Dongtae Jjigae restaurant that we used to love to go but it’s gone now. I don’t know why but this restaurant is not available anymore. It’s a shame. But the purpose of blogging here is to introduce Korean foods, not to recommend restaurants in Korea. So I’m still writing this so please understand. Dongtae Jigae is such a popular Korean stew made from frozen pollocks. They’re very cheap in Korea and very delicious.


Dongtae Jjigae is a very common and popular Korean cuisine but it’s still hard to find a professional Dongtae Jjigae restaurant. Most of them serve just average quality but you can still taste the same when a Korean housewife cooks it for you. Once you find the better one then you’re going to fall in love with it immediately. Especially during the winter, it’s so cool when you have a bite. That’s how Korean people say, ‘cool’. Of course it’s hot and spicy but they still say ‘It’s cool!’ You better find out yourself why.



This is when they set our table for Dongtae Jjigae. We didn’t have many side dishes but they were all good.



It’s very important how they make their broth for the Jjigae. And radish, green onions, tofu, anchovies are added.



This is so tempting, isn’t it? My mouth is watering again, ha.



When you take a bite of the stew in a freezing day, you’re going to feel like your whole body is melting with the warmth inside.



I can see some mysterious ingredient inside the stew that looks like a brain shape but it’s also chewy and good to taste. Someone told me that it’s a fish organ.


I can’t give you the address of the restaurant that we visited since it’s gone now but I have a place to recommend which is known as a must-go restaurant. It is located not too far from my house so we might want to be there sometime soon. Here is the information.


Address : 96, Sangam-ro, Gangdong-gu, Seoul

Phone Number : 02-477-8858

Operating Hours : 11:00 ~ 22:00


[Menu and Price]

Dongtae Tang : KRW 7,000 (for each)

Agu Tang : KRW 8,000 (for each)

Agu Jjim (small) : KRW 28,000