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I Forgot the Value of this Food. Mandu!!

Food 2020-03-10

This Korean food is such a common street food and you can see it everywhere so I totally forgot to introduce it to you. This is one of my favorite Korean foods and you can eat it anytime as long as you want. You can find it in restaurants, supermarkets, even in convenient stores or snack places. It is Mandu, Korean dumplings. It is considered as fast food now since you can get frozen ones and cook it in your own way, steamed, boiled, fried, etc.


If the mandu is griiled or fried, it is called gun-mandu, when steamed, jjin-mandu, when boiled, mul-mandu. You can add some when you cook something like ramyeons, tteokguk and many other Korean soup kinds. It can be served free when you order packages at a Chinese restaurant in Korea. There is one kind that I don’t like about mandu. It is kimch-mandu. I don’t understand why they love this kind because it tastes spicy and strong. Sadly, my wife loves it so sometimes I have to accept my fate.



This is Jjin-mandu, steamed one. It is very easy to cook. They look so delicious and lovely, don’t’ they? Jjin-mandu is also juicy since it’s steamed by water. You also need soy sauce so you can slightly dip it in.



This is Gun-mandu, grilled one on a pan. It tastes crispy since it’s fried. Many Chinese restaurants serve gun-mandu when you order packages but its quality is not very good.



These are Mandu-guks and when they put some tteoks (slices of rice cake) in it then it’s called tteok-mandu-guk. I’d prefer the normal one without tteoks.



They look good but it’s red. Be careful!! It is RED!!



As I said, you can get those frozen packs in supermarkets. (Sorry, I had to hide the brand name.) And you when you cook ramyeon and put some of it, you’re going to love it.


There are many recommendable mandu restaurants and I found one near my place. Most of them serve Mandu-guk kinds and steamed one. If you’re interested in visiting this restaurant for mandu-guk then please check out the information below. This restaurant has been introduced on a TV show 3 times already and it’s very popular now.


Address : 683, Olympic-ro, Gangdong-gu, Seoul

Phone Number : 02-471-4436

Operating Hours : 11:30 ~ 19:00


[Menu and Price]

Tteok-Mandu-guk : KRW 7,000

Jjin-Mandu : KRW 7,000