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You’ll Love to Buy These Worms! Larva Town!!

Shopping 2020-03-12

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I used to love watching it before and I was able to watch it everywhere in Korea. When I took the bus, subway, even in an elevator, I could see it everywhere. It’s not very popular anymore but kids still love to watch it. It is a Korean animation series that is called ‘Larva’. Attached above is one of the episodes so you can watch it if you want. There are two main characters and one is Yellow and the other one is Red. Yes, they’re worms and they’re lovely, funny and cute worms. When you watch it, you’re going to love them. They’re very addictive.


I recently found out there’s a goods shop in Jongno, Seoul which is not very far from my place. It specializes in Larva characters and they also run their coffee shop inside. Actually they’re divided into three different themes, goods shop, photo zone in the yard, and the coffee shop. The yard is open to the public like a park so you can visit there anytime you want. You can also enjoy your coffee at the coffee shop surrounded by the lovely and funny characters.



Look. They’re funny already.



Look at those items here at the goods shop. They’re all characterized products. Sadly, they’re not very popular any more so they didn’t have that many customers there.



I really love their faces and looks. Yellow and Red are the main characters.



This is the yard that provides some figures outside and you can use them to take your pictures.



This is the coffee shop that is called Café Wingcle. They also sell ice cream and dessert kinds. Just a normal coffee shop.



Here’s some more information about this place if you’re interested in visiting here.


Address : 1, Gyeonghuigung-1gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Location : Near the Exit 8 of Gwanghwamun Station, line 5

Phone Number : 070-4609-6492

Admission : Free

Operating Hours : 10:00 ~ 20:00


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