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For Your Healing and Happiness, Pocheon Art Valley!!

Travel 2020-04-01

I’ve always preferred going to the mountains rather than going to the beaches. It is much cooler and more like nature-friendly in mountains or valleys. That’s what I think. There is a place for that which is called ‘Pocheon Art Valley’. And this place must be really nice for healing and refreshing your mind. It’s located in the middle of mountains and I was told that it was a closed quarry but Pocheon City decided to give it rebirth in 2003.


Since it was remodeled in 2009, this place became very popular for its beautiful nature of cliffs and the lake. This place has been attracting more than 300,000 visitors annually and the total area of Pocheon Art Valley is approximately 50,000 pyeong (150,000). They also have several exhibition centers and they’re all very nice for education and fun. Stone Culture Promotional Center, Astronomical Science Center and Educational Exhibition Center.



When you get to the entrance and park your car, you can see a kiosk to buy the ticket. It costs only 5,000 won for each.



You can also see a map. You’ll know that this place is totally surrounded by mountains.



Look at the beauty of nature. The water is so blue and I can see some artifacts on it. This lake is called Cheonjoho.



We could see that many Korean movies and dramas have been filmed here. No wonder it is so beautiful.



It looks so peaceful in this view. He(?) must be taking a nap lying down there, ha.



There is also a running monorail service so you can buy a ticket for this to move to the opposite way. It costs 4,500 won for round-trip and 3,500 for one-way.



You can also visit a coffee shop when you get to the top. It was very cozy and warm inside.   



Here’s some more information about this place if you’re interested in visiting here sometime soon.



Address : 234, Artvalley-ro, Sinbuk-myeon, Pocheon-si, Kyeonggi-do

For Inquiries : 031-538-3483

Admission : KRW 5,000 (Adults) / KRW 3,000 (Junior) / KRW 1,500 (Children)

Operating Hours : 09:00 ~ 22:00 / 09:00 ~ 21:00 (During Winter)

Homepage (English) :