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Fantastic Sushi Buffet Restaurant! Qoo Qoo!!

Food 2020-04-02

I’ve always loved Sushi and all kinds of raw fish. We had a chance to celebrate something (I don’t remember what it was about, ha.) and found this restaurant near our home. It is called ‘Qoo Qoo’ and I was told that it’s been a popular Sushi Roll & Salad Bar already so there are many Qoo Qoo branches in different cities, even in Jejudo. They serve mainly Sushi and various kinds of raw fish but they have many other types of dishes as well like chicken and pizza.


Considering that it’s a buffet restaurant, I would say that it’s affordable but it’s still expensive if you go there often. This restaurant is a typical salad bar and most dishes are very fresh. As you know, Sushi is expensive in Korea so if you’re a big fan of Sushi and raw fish then this restaurant could be a great suggestion because you can eat Sushi as much as you like. Also the price for the lunch hours during the weekdays is the lowest so you can take advantage of it if you have time.

Those cute sushi dolls were welcoming us.



When you get here before 5 pm for your lunch on weekdays, you can use it at the lowest price. Oh, I almost forgot. They have a time limit, 90 minutes. That’s not cool though.



They must be the main chefs and seem like they’re really busy now.



They’re serving various sushi and other seafood on each plate and I can choose as I want.



I know it’s a sushi restaurant but who could skip the pizza if they serve it?



This was my first round. It should be the sushi and raw fish. I could only tell a few of them, ha.



These were my second and third rounds. I love salmon. I always love salmon no matter what.



But it wasn’t easy to ignore those fried foods. If you ignore them, you’re being rude.



And then we had a desert. It was ice cream and waffles. So sweet.



Below is some more information about this restaurant. If you’re a fan of sushi and seafood then go for it! It can be strongly recommended.


Address : 18, Cheonhodae-ro 157-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul

Location : Near the exit 5 of Cheonho station, line 5 and 8

Phone Number : 02-477-6274

Operating Hours : 11:00 ~ 22:00

Homepage (Korean) :



Weekday Lunch : KRW 15,900

Weekday Dinner : KRW 19,900

Weekends, Holidays : KRW 19,900

Children : KRW 12,900

Preschool Kids : KRW 8,000