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This Is Your Urban Shopping Center! Starfield COEX Mall!!

Shopping 2020-04-06

There is a huge mall in Gangnam, Seoul which is called Starfield COEX Mall and it’s like a landmark in this area. I’ve been there only a few times and whenever I visited here, I was overwhelmed by its huge size. You’ll see countless places to visit when you get there and here I'm posting up only a few of them that are very interesting such as Aquarium, Piero Showping and Byeolmadang Library. And of course they have much more than that.


COEX Mall has over 300 brands, ranging from fashion and beauty to electronics and entertainment. In that unique library, they have over 50,000 reading materials arranged in 13 meter high book shelves. In their aquarium, they have over 650 species of marine animals. This mall is connected to Samseong station, line 2 so it is very convenient to visit without driving here. Once you get here, you’ll realize that you don’t have enough time to see everything in one day.



You can get through Samseong station first to get to COEX Mall. It is connected underground to the mall.



This is the way to the entrance of COEX Aquarium. I would say that it’s more likely for young kids but it was still fun. .



Oops, the scary Jaws is waiting for us at the gate. Did you really have to show us your gums?



There wasn’t anything very special about this aquarium but I would say that it must be very educational when you bring your kids. We don’t have one yet though.



Wow, look at the size of those bookshelves. How are they going to take out the books on the top?



Piero Showping! This is the name. You’ll see extraordinary things in this shopping mall. I better post up a blog specializing this at another time.



They’re all my favorites. Play Station and Marvel collections, who would pass without looking inside?


Here’s some more information about this place if you’re interested in visiting here.


Address : 524, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Location : Near the Exit 5 of Samseong Station, line 2

Phone Number : 02-6002-5300

Operating Hours : 11:00 ~ 21:00

Aquarium Admission : KRW 28,000 (Adults) / KRW 24,000 (Children)

Homepage (Korean) :