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Luxurious Residence with Multiple Culture, Mecenatpolis!!

Shopping 2020-04-20

There is such a huge compound of urban residence and cultural malls in the Mapo area, Seoul and it’s called Mecenatpolis. This is basically a luxurious apartment complex for residence and it’s also like a huge shopping mall inside. There are so many fashion stores, restaurants, cafes as well as a Lotte Cinema, Homeplus and even art centers. Can you even imagine living in this compound? It’s going to be so convenient to enjoy your urban life. Besides, Hapjeong station is connected with Mecenapolis so it is also very easy to access public transportation.


I’ve been told that many Korean celebs and public figures are living in this residency. According to those people who’re living in this place, it can enhance their life quality. And they keep insisting that Mecenatpolis is a luxurious residency brand and it’s actually very expensive to buy an apartment in here. So it can be a dream home to many people and I’m jealous of them too. However, you can still visit this place and shop your items and enjoy foods here. As for those residents, it’s just their league so it’s not my business, ha. Maybe one day it will be.



This is a shot from above and it’s very modernized and beautiful. I admit it. It would be very fantastic living in this place.



We can see many people gathering from far away. It could be like a surprise concert inside this place. This place is now like a landmark in the Mapo-gu area.



What a peaceful and modernized place it is. You can enjoy all kinds of Korean culture in here.



There are so many colorful umbrellas hanging in the air. This is always impressive whenever I see them..



There are so many must-go restaurants in here. Many office workers from nearby visit this mall during lunch hours.



And there are countless shops for ladies. You want a different place for your urban shopping? Then go visit this place and have your dream to live in this place one day. It’ll be so sweet.



Here’s some more information about this place if you’re interested in visiting here.


Address : Mecenatpolis, 45, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Location : Near the Exit 9 of Hapjeong Station, line 2

Phone Number : 02-334-8181

Operating Hours : It depends on shops

Homepage (Korean) : (N/A)