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Chicken is Always Right!! Yangnyeom Chicken!

Food 2020-04-23

Have you been to any countries that have such a fast and convenient chicken delivery service like Korea? Have you eaten any fried chicken better than Korea? Because I’ve been told that many foreigners love Korea’s chicken more than any other countries. Fried chicken menu and its delivery service in Korea have been really loved for a long time and there has always been competition so the quality has been getting better and better. It’s a shame that the prices have also gone up, too though. There are mainly two kinds of chicken. One is normal fried and the other one is yangnyeom fried.


Yangnyeom chicken is the sticky form of fried chicken including huge amounts of sauce and it’s like a heart attack for most people. It can be street food found in any shopping area or you can order one for delivery. There is also a type sold in cups with chopsticks so that you can walk around and have it on the go. This type is called Chicken Gangjeong. It can get a little messy with all the sauce, but don’t let that stop you. Trust me. You have never had chicken that tastes this good. I told you before. Chicken is always right!



There are many different kinds of chicken menu now in Korea but these two are the main types of fried chicken loved the most.



If you want two types at the same time but have difficulty choosing then you can order ‘Half and Half’ service. You’ll get served half normal fried and half yangnyeom fried.



This type is called Chicken Gangjeong and it’s more likely a street food. This type is cheaper than delivery service because of its size and it's takeout.



There are so many different fried chicken brands in Korea but this has been always my favorite. It’s called ‘ㅂㅂㅋ’. I changed it into the Korean letters so please find that out yourself, ha.


Below is some more information about the place that I order fried chickens most of the time. Chicken places are everywhere so you can find one near your place as well.


Address : 14, Jinhwangdo-ro 31-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul

Phone Number : 02-476-5582

Operating Hours : 12:00 ~ 23:00 (Delivery Service Hours)

Homepage (BBQ Official) :


[Menu and Price]

Normal Friced Chicken : KRW 18,000

Yangnyeom Fried Chicken : KRW 19,500

Half & Half Fried Chicken : KRW 19,500