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Cheap and Delicious Makchang Restaurant! Samggi Makchang!!

Food 2020-05-25

I already introduced ‘Gopchang’ before and as you know now, it refers to beef small intestines and it’s quite expensive in Korea. I always thought ‘Makchang’ was almost the same as Gopchang but it’s not. Besides, I just found out ‘Makchang’ is not beef but it’s pork. It was actually shocking to me because I believed that it was beef for my whole life. Anyways, we recently visited this Makchang restaurant and it’s so strongly recommended. That’s the purposed of posting this blog.


We accidently found this place when we were taking a stroll in our neighborhood and saw so many people waiting in line. It was impressive and it was located only 3 minutes away from our home on foot. I didn’t know until we tried there that this place was one of the must-go restaurants in the Cheonho Station area. I can tell you only 2 words for this place. Cheap and delicious. No wonder they always have so many people waiting in line. And we are lucky to have this restaurant near our house.



This is the sign of the restaurant. As you can see, they always have many people.



When they serve for our table, we were so happy to see it. They look so appetizing



It was grilled already by them so it didn’t take that long before we could eat them. Yes, we cheered to ourselves.



We ordered some side menu. They were Bokkeumbap (fried rice) and Ramen. They were cooked by their recipe and they were so good too.



This is the menu for this place. Makchang usually costs much more expensive than this. You should know that.



Please check the information below if you’re interested in visiting the same restaurant that we visited for grilled Makchang.


Address : 10, Olympic-ro 77-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul

Location : Near exit 2 of Cheonho Station, Line 5 & 8

Phone Number : 02-470-2572

Operating Hours : 16:00 ~ 01:00


[Menu and Price]

Makchang Gui : KRW 10,000

Yangnyeom Makchang : KRW 11,000

Cheese Makchang : KRW 14,000

Spicy Ramyeon : KRW 3,000

Boggeumbab (Fried Rice) : KRW 2,000

and more..