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Such A Beautiful Glass Artwork, Glass Castle in Jeju Island!!

Entertainment 2020-07-06

Jeju Glass Castle is Korea’s first registered museum exclusively for glass and it’s established in 2008. They say “The museum reflects the gift of nature and clean environment of Jeju in the transparent and clean glass works.” You’ll see that it’s true since everything is made from shaped glass. You’ll experience more than whatever you can imagine. You can also experience ‘glass blowing’ which is a very traditional technique for making glass and it’s only available in Jeju.


The delicate collection is divided into indoor and outdoor sections, each with their own variety of delicate glasswork. The indoor sights include a towering green glass beanstalk in the center of the exhibition hall, a room full of mirrors where visitors can get lost in their infinite reflections, and even a glass bookshelf with glass books. The exterior garden features amazingly naturalistic figures such as a glass waterfall, glass flowerbeds, and a lake made of mirrors with fish.



You’ll get lost in the Magic Mirror Room. You can also see the Jack & the Beanstalk in the center of the hall.



Oh, these are Stone Harubangs, the famous Jeju guardian figures. And they’re made from glass, too. I like it.



They’re small Glass Town and Sea Story. Can you believe that they’re all made from glass? They’re very pretty and colorful.



Now you can see the Glass Gate with a huge wine glass. You can also see the beautiful Jewelry Falls with the huge wedding ring. This can be such a great spot for wedding proposal.


They’re called Glass Lake and Gold Glass Toad.



You can see many glass flowers and glass trees in the garden. There is also Magic Forest.


The Jeju Glass Castle Theme Park is such an attraction for the whole family. You can get some more information below about this place if you’re interested in visiting here.


Address : 462, Nokchabunchae-ro, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju City, Jeju-do

Inquiries : 064-772-7777

Admission : KRW 11,000 (Adults) / KRW 9,000 (Students) / KRW 8,000 (Children)

Operating Hours : 09:00-19:00

Homepage (English) :