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When You Fall In Love With the Korean Broth, Sagol Kalguksu!!

Food 2020-07-30

Kal-guksu is a Korean noodle dish consisting of handmade, knife-cut wheat flour noodles served in a large bowl with broth and other ingredients. ‘Kal’ refers to knife and ‘guksu’ refers to noodle. There are so many different kinds of Kalguksu but the most popular one is Haemul Kalguksu and it refers to Seafood Kalguksu. Haemul Kalguksu is one of most loved and most common foods in Korea.


As every other Korean people do, I’ve always been eating Haemul Kalguksu most of the time but I recently found this restaurant and it changed my mind. It has also become my favorite food now and my wife has become obsessed with this Kalguksu. They serve Sagol Kalguksu. Sagol means beef leg bone and it’s often boiled to make a broth and there are many Korean traditional foods cooked with sagol, such as gomguk, galbitang, seolongtang, etc.



It’s located somewhere in Gapyeong near mountains. And I was told that this Kalguksu restaurant is very popular as a must-go restaurant in the area.



We actually went there around 3 pm which was way to past lunch hours so the whole restaurant was empty.



We sat right next to the windows but the view wasn’t very impressive. I could see only the traffic since it was Saturday.



Do you see the sign on my stomach? ‘I’m hungry.’ Haha. You have no idea how tasty it is. You’ll love it once you taste it.



They also serve the pork cutlet. It doesn’t seem to make sense for a Kalguksu restaurant but it’s funny that their cutlet is also very good. My wife ordered the pork cutlet and we shared some for each other.



This is the shot for the whole. I would say the prices are also very reasonable. It was actually the second time already that we visited there.


Please check the information below if you’re interested in visiting the same restaurant that we visited for Kalguksu and the port cutlet.


Address : 221-12, Gyeongchun-ro, Cheongpyeong-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Kyeonggi

Subway : N/A

Phone Number : 031-584-3688

Operating Hours : 10:30 ~ 21:00


[Menu and Price]

Sagol Kalguksu : KRW 8,000

Handmade Pork Cutlet : KRW 8,000

Sagol Manduguk : KRW 8,000

Wang Mandu (King Dumpling) : KRW 6,000