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Do You Want to Shop for Korean Antiques? Tong-In Store!!

Shopping 2020-08-06

Tong-In Store is a shopping mall dedicated to traditional crafts, clothing, and books. Located on Insa-dong Street, the mall has some of the finest craft and antiques shops in South Korea. You can also shop for authentic Korean clothes – prices are usually lower than most shops in the city. Antique crafts, folk paintings, and valuable books are available here, but you can only purchase them through auctions.


Tong-in Shop has been spreading our culture and art to both Koreans and foreigners since 1924. The 1st floor is the Handcraft Shop, 2nd floor is the traditional workshop, 3rd floor is the traditional art exhibition hall, and the 4th floor is the modern art exhibition hall. The basement is used as a gallery for external work. It is like home to over 100 shops that sell ancient and contemporary traditional crafts, as well as galleries that display craft collections.



This is the entrance and it’s a 6 story building with different shops and exhibitions each floor.



You can see the antique displays at the shop. Most of them look unfamiliar to me as well.



I like those Korean traditional potteries. They look beautiful especially the colors. You can go visit and get some for souvenirs for yourself.



They have so many different kinds but I would say most of them are just for decoration.



You can also see the backyard with trees and Korean crocks and it looks like the very old times in Korea.


Here’s some more information about this place if you’re interested in visiting here.


Address : 32, Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Location : Near the Exit 5 of Jongno-samga Station, line 5

Operating Hours : 10:00 ~ 19:00

Contact Number : 02-733-4867

Homepage : (Korean only)