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    I would recommend Little Fox to anyone interested in teaching English in Korea

    I just finished my master's degree in the UK and I decided I wanted to gain some teaching experience. So I decided to apply to teach English in Korea. I heard about Little Fox through a friend who also went through the same recruitment process. I find the recruitment process to be really simple and easy. You're helped along every step of the process from gathering all your documents to applying for your visa. As a first time teacher I found the Little Fox program to be really helpful because there's a set curriculum with standard procedures to follow. Also at the center in Cheonan there's really experienced teachers that you can go to for help if you're struggling. I think Korea is a really good destination. Cheonan's a lovely city and there lots to do, lots to eat and new experiences to have. So yeah I would recommend Little Fox to anyone interested in teaching English in Korea.

    Daisy Johnson (Cheonan Buldang , 2021-08-06)

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    Little Fox is perfect for a first time teacher

    Little Fox offered me a lot of support during the whole application and visa process. This support continued after I arrived in Korea, with help at the airport, quarantine and training. The Little Fox curriculum is a lot of fun for the students and having a set curriculum helps when settling in to teaching for the first time, but isn't restrictive. There are plenty of opportunities to adapt the lesson and add new, fun activities.

    Little Fox is perfect for a first time teacher because they give lots of support while also being flexible enough for you to find your best teaching style.

    Georgina Keane (Cheonan Seongseong , 2021-06-17)

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    It has been a wonderful experience

    I have been working at Little Fox for 7 months and it has been a wondeful experience. The curriculum is well laid out, making it easy to teach for the students to understand. I am able to devleop a routine with my classes that helps the students feel comfortable as they are learning English. The curriculum gives me opportunities to ask the students questions about their lives and build off the vocabulary and ideas we are learning about. It has been a joy getting to know my students and helping them learn English at Little Fox!

    Amanda Wiens (Cheonan Seongseong , 2021-04-22)

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    Little Fox is a great company to work for

    Little Fox is a great company to work for. The company offers its staff consistent support and it has been a welcoming environment to teach in. Little Fox made the process of arriving and settling in Korea as simple as possible, especially considering the current global situation. The curriculum is thoroughly planned, so teachers can easily prepare for each lesson. Each week is different as the syllabus is formatted around Little Fox's original stories and activities. New animations are released daily so the students can look forward to enjoying new material. These animations challenge the students; as their English skills advance new grammar and vocabulary is introduced. This helps keep students engaged with the lesson content and organically provides them with situational phrases they can use in their own lives. I have enjoyed learning how to teach the Little Fox curriculum and I love seeing how the students progress in tandem. I highly recommend teaching in Korea and enjoying everything this stunning country has to offer.

    Elliot Izzard (Seoul Daechi , 2021-03-25)

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    Working at Little Fox has been a great highlight of my time in Korea so far.

    Working at Little Fox has been a great highlight of my time in Korea so far. I love that there is a curriculum already set up for me to follow and it's designed very well. The students develop their English very quickly because of it and I love watching them grow into better English speakers. The school's environment has been really positive and very welcoming. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I've had to come to Korea and teach atr Little Fox.

    Danielle Bruce Tagoe (Seoul Myungil , 2020-12-07)